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  1. Click on "SignUp" button
  2. Enter your email address and preferred password and confirm your password.
  3. An activation link will be sent your email box. Open your email and click on the activation link.
  4. Your account will be active and ready to be used.
  1. Choose your card.
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  3. Proceed to the payment process.
  4. upon successful completion of your payment the card will be sent your mailbox and to the inbox page.
We will send the code instantly. Orders are processed and delivered within 1-2 minutes of payment completion. When your order is approved, you will also receive a notification by email.
Each user can open one account.

First, please make sure that you opened "Inbox" section in TopCarz website. Second, please check your spam and junk in your Email box.

For every processed transaction, we will send you a confirmation email with your process number and your process result. If you still cannot find your purchase you can send the process number to

Your order may already be delivered, please double check "Inbox" section in the website. You may have not received your order for one of the following reasons: Your order is under management review; a small percentage of orders require approval by management.

The approval process sometimes might take up to 15 minutes. - Your order did not pass the verification and was cancelled by the automated system in place. - Payment Error, so please provide the method of payment and transaction ID for the purchase.

Your payment can be fully refunded as long as you meet one of the following requirements;

  1. The activation key delivered is not working.
  2. The activation key delivered is not as described.
  3. You have not viewed the activation key.

If you meet these requirements, please reply and let us know. Your request will be forwarded to management and a full refund will be issued during management hours of operation.

Once receiving your order and viewing your product key there are absolutely no refunds. The delivered product is guaranteed to be exactly as described and in working condition.

Our credit card processor use a sophisticated risk modelling, fraud detection and manual review to make sure that the transaction is not fraudulent.

If your credit card billing and/or shipping information triggers an alarm flag by our automated fraud detection system, we could ask for more information from you.

If we are unable to verify the information with you or the issuing bank, your order could be delayed or cancelled.

If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, we shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount in the charge. We reserve the right to refuse any order from you.

The payment details will be sent to same email used to open your Facebook account.